Rastkarpay Construction Company has started its activity since 1995; During these years, he has implemented many challenging and specialized projects in various fields of construction, including dam construction, construction of irrigation and drainage canals, dredging of rivers, land leveling, construction of pumping station, construction of water transmission pipeline, etc. Which shows our skills and experience in designing, implementing and managing construction projects and providing the best, most cost-effective and most efficient technical solutions. At present, Rastkarpay Construction Company, as one of the leading contractors of construction projects in Golestan and Mazandaran provinces, plays an important role in the management and implementation of defined projects. The company has a high managerial, technical and equipment capacity to cooperate with the executive bodies to implement small, medium and large construction projects and declares its full readiness to receive and implement the mentioned projects. It should be mentioned that this company has the 2nd rank in the field of irrigation and drainage and the 5th rank in the field of buildings.



1. Preparing time tables and managing resources in line with the goals of the project employer

2. Clear communication with the employer, the device and the consultant and all relevant officials
3. Tracking the physical and real progress of the project and accurately adjusting deviations from the schedule and correcting it
4. Direct monitoring of the quality of work performed by experts
5. Execution and completion of the project based on the set goals


⦁ Company Name: Rastkarpay Construction Company
⦁ Company Registration Office Number: 1163
⦁ Date of establishment of the company: 19/03/1374
⦁ Managing Director: Rahmatollah Aghabarari
⦁ Chairman of the Board: Sirus Eliassy
⦁ Headquarter: No. 808 , 8th Floor, Sepehr Saei Tower, Valiasr St, Tehran, Iran
⦁ Phone: 83860-021
. Email address: info@Rastkarpay.com
⦁ Subject of activity: Execution and management of construction projects
⦁ Grades:
    Rank 2 of irrigation and drainage
    Rank 5 building disciplines